1. Meditation is Seventh Step of Ashtang yoga of Maharishi Patanjali
  • 1st & 2nd are as yama & niyam with law’s of nature & practice Niyams to purify & control mind
  • 3rd & 4th are Asanas Pranayam approach for physical body as – purifying body to have flexibility & free flow of energy.
  • 5th & 6th pratihara & Dharna are mental approach to control on 5 sense of perception & mind. Dharna a process of concentration to gradually train mind not to flicker – but differ from aspect from meditation.
  • 7th step is Meditation to attain a state which is not waking, dreaming, sleeping but 4th state is Transcendental, Turiya State. Restful alertness.
2. Meditation is silencing the “inner talk” and seeing with the ‘third eye’
  • Meditation begins with the silencing of the normal mental activity. There is a constant ‘inner talk’ that is going on incessantly whenever a person finds himself/ herself unoccupied. This continous inner chatter is called as “ Chitta”. Rishi Pathanjali defined yoga as ‘Chitta Vrithi Nirodhaha’. Which means “meditation is the total cessation of the inner mind.
3. Present Moment is good & beneficial
for you
  • Don’t ever, ever put yourself down. You are here for a purpose, and you are great in your place. God has something for you to do, become a humble instrument in his hands.

4. Type of
  • There are various ways, many forms & several varieties of Meditation. But all meditation are one – as goal is common – to attain 4th state of consciousness .
  • Transcendental or Mantra Meditation.
  • Breath watching
  • Awareness without object – empty meditation.
  • Walking Meditation
  • Contemplative meditation on a concept – scene.
  • Dynamic meditation
  • RajYog Meditation
  • Sahaj Yog Meditation
5. Steps of
  • Use abdominal breathing through diaphragm Chant AUM – to regulate flow of vital forces operating withing the body
    Inhale the positive
    Exhale the negative
  • Progressive Relaxation (Muscle Relaxation) Relax all parts of the body by tensing and relaxing one by one (JPMR) or by auto suggestion from head to toe.
  • Sit upright with the spine erect & the body relaxed.
  • Take mind inward with the help of a vehicle & visualize breathing.
    Live here & now
  • Come back with deep breathing.
  • Self affirmation “Day by day in every way, I am getting more and more healthy, wealthy, Blissful & Enlightened”.
6. When Should we
  • Any time is right time for Meditation! However, early morning i.e., pre-dawn hours are the best, as we would be in a proper state of freshness after a full night’s sleep. Moreover, there would be darkness still around. Meditation should always be done in darkness and definitely so, far beginner. In daytime, lights should be switched off and all windows closed so as not to let in any light.

7. How long should we
  • One should sit for a minimum of 40 minutes in each Meditation Session. Shorter duration will not be of much help. Slowly, one gets habituated to devote more time. More the duration of a session, deeper would be the state of Meditation.
8. spiritual Reality
  • Meditation is the journey or pilgrimage of our consciuosness from: Body to Mind, Mind ot intellect, Intellect to Self & Beyond.
  • Meditation is Spiritual reality - a journey which will change your life, A journey which will enrich you and make you knowledgeable and blissfull. Make your life overall happy & prosperous.
  • Meditation experiance will unfold secrets of life, our present life and past kasmas, life about death & more
  • Our Prasent Soul has the capacity to change of our destiny.
  • Through Meditation:
    ref. to Meditation film: www.spiritual-reality.com
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