Mind & its Mysteries
  • Mind - management is valuable & essential because it leads to highest blessings of health, wealth, positions and what not.
  • Our body is a mould for mind's enjoyment. Mind is simply a thought factory & connected to infinite, cosmic mind. Thoughts are source of our enjoyment as well sufferings.
    Who will make this choice for you ?
  • Whatever we think, feel and do - in short all our experience are stored in the subconscious mind and results into our behavior, personality & character.
  • Mind by nature is restless, turbulent, powerful, obstinate. Of course difficult to cultivate, culture but possible through regular practice, dispassion (vairaga) through learning techniques
Inner Talk / Conversation
  • We are constantly talking to ourselves. This self-talk is how we explain the events of our lives to ourselves.
  • How we feel about ourselves much depends on self talk. Much of this self-talk by researcher's says is negative upto 87%.
  • As breath can't be stopped but can be modulated, similarly self conversation can't be stopped, but can be cultivated as desired. The "conversation" that we carry on silently with ourselves throughout the day has a direct effect on our attitude, behaviors, personality & actions there on.
  • Self-talk is much like "Self-fulfilling prophecy" law of attraction, as you think, so it happens.
  • The body and mind are not separate but really one system coordinated by the molecules of emotions.
Positive / Powerful Affirmations
  • Affirmation is a statement repeated time and again either verbally or mentally or written down.
  • Positive/powerful affirmation are those when worded correctly, emotionally charged, pictorial (visualization & imaginary) positive, rhythmic and forceful are able to tap our unlimited power from subconscious mind.
  • Affirmation are powerful stated in present tense, positive, short & specific, repeated at right intervals.
Cultivate Positive Thoughts
  • We all wants to be a Winner
  • Self-talk is not something fixed in our biology (gene thing), but we have acquired from the environment, so it can be cultivated.
  • "Change our thought & emotions, and the chemicals within our brains are also changed.
  • Forgiveness, optimism, gratitude have proved positive effects on developing positive thoughts & thus achievements.
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