No other book or subject is so interesting, amazing, beautiful as your own self. UPNISHADS

1. What You Gain
  • There is a power within each of us that can direct us to our perfect health ,relationship, prosperity.
  • A life becomes playful not a burden.
  • Get more to insight to uplift toward higher stages of SOUL as transcendental or infinite or Budhahood
  • Understand - what life we are living because of our own doings & thus we are rulers & creators of our destiny.
  • In totality life inside and outside in all circumstances will shine, grow and filled with love, peace, harmony & happiness.
2. karma Facts
  • We are not born accidentally, have born with purpose.
  • Man born, grows & dies in karma- entire life depends on karma.
  • Karma is the cause & guiding force for pleasure & pain.
  • Karma is inevitable , one has to do some karma or other can't be free one self from karma for a moment.
  • To attain Budhahood doing karma desirelessly.
  • What is the problem ?
  • NO NO NO the fruit, but how we react to the fruit.
  • Choice for Budhahood - free our self from desires of good & bad.
3. SOUL-the Divine source
  • We all are Souls, unique and at different development stages.
  • Soul express and experience in role through the body
  • Soul take birth on the basis of past actions.
  • Soul has been growing from animals, Plants and come to the human from in different stage.

    1. Infant     2. baby    3. young    4. Mature 5. Old
    6. Transcendental    7. Infinite Soul.
  • Soul has no birth-nor die therefore has no past, present or future, therefore is eternal, ever existing & primeval.
4. Truth - We Can be free from suffering
  • Every human being has the potential to become BUDHA.
  • Why we don't understand I am that "Aham Brahmasmi"
  • You are not the body so you can not be the doer or Enjoyer.
  • Human birth is the rare of the rarest stupid to suffer.
  • Truth: we can Enjoy unlimited Bliss - Don't wait, do it now
    It is possible through only Meditation
    Connecting yourself with true self (GOD)
  • Ultimately: you are born to discover to know your true self.
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